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Warming Phytobalm, 50 gr

SKU: 205673


Denatured ethyl alcohol (58,0 ± 3% vol), distilled water, an extract of red pepper, camphor, carbopol, triethanolamine


Balsam has a powerful warming effect. It promotes deep heating of the soft tissues by increasing blood flow in them. It improves blood circulation, reduces swelling and relieves rheumatic, muscular pains, sports injuries. It is an effective remedy for colds.

Active ingredients: the extract of red pepper, camphora oil.

The extract of hot pepper initiates a local blood flow, increases metabolism, improves skin tone. It has a warming effect.
Camphor stimulates blood circulation, has an analgesic effect.

Purpose: It is used for skin care in order to reduce discomfort in the area of the back and waist, in joints and muscles.

Directions: evenly apply a small amount of balm on the skin around the joints. Leave for 2-3 minutes.
With a cold: apply a small amount of balm on the chest and back; cover with a towel.

Warming Phytobalm, 50 gr
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