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Vinilin Balm / Vinylinum (Balsam Shostakovskogo)

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Active ingredient (MNN) PolyvinoxVinilin or Vinylinum, Balzam Shostakovskogo

The unique medical product that is used as an external and internal remedy. It produces an intense antiseptic, bactericidal and pharmacological effect.

Decades ago it was the remedy for our Grandparents. But nowadays it is turned into the modern and effective medical product that is easy to acquire. Moreover this product is able to compete in efficiency with the most popular medical products of Russian and foreign manufacturers.


Balsam is administrated as for thermal burns as well as for the chemical ones of different severity.

The pure form of Vinylinum is used for the burns healing. Vinylinum is applied on the injured surface.

Balsam is not toxic. It does not have any bad effects for the organism no matter what dozes were used.

It has anesthetic effect. It causes fast epithelization and the following formation of soft, elastic, non tensing scar for the deep injuries (III level).


Vinylinum is used for the healing of not serious domestic wounds and damages as well as for serious injuries and septic wounds.

The method of application for Vinylinum dressing is the common way: the Vinylinum moistened gauze tissue is applied upon the wound. If the wound looks like a rather big cavity the Vinylinum is applied into the cavity directly. The gauze tampon is inserted. The terms of curing with Vinylinum are far less then with the application of a common wound healing remedy.

According to the opinion of the professional doctors the healing process was as fast in some cases that only the term “amazingâ€ï† could be used for them.


In 70s Vinylinum was clinically tested as a remedy for healing of peptic ulcer disease. The scientists pointed out the high therapeutic potency of the remedy.

“Vinylinum that blocks the digestive juice release is one of the effective antiulcer kinds of medicine. As the number of ulcers as well as the inflammatory response like hyperemia and puffiness are decreased under the influence of Vinylinum.

However the health professionals found out the list of the contraindications for the internal use of the remedy. For example “the administration of Vinylinum is contraindicated for the persons who suffer of the diseases of gall bladder and kidneys.â€ï†


Shostakovskiy Balsam produces the healing effect for many pathogenic processes in mouth cavity tissues like stomatitis, glossitis, periodontitis of different degrees, leukoplakia, intolerance or irrigative action of plastic cast.

Vinylinum was found out as the very efficient prophylactic drug and therapeutic agent used while carrying out the beam therapy due to oncological diseases of maxillo facial area and for after beam therapy damages on oral mucosa.

For the disposal of unpleasant flavor especially for more sensitive patients the extract or oil of peppermint is added to balsam mixture. A patient should get 1-1,5ml of medicine directly from the bottle. Then the patient should actively apply medicine all over the mouth mucous with the tongue making the movements like mouth washing during 5-8 minutes.


Vinylinum has been famous as one of the most effective wound healing remedies for a long time.

The action spectrum is quite wide: it can be used as for little cuts and scratch marks as for the serious skin diseases such as furunculus, carbuncles, trophic ulcer, mastitis and inflammatory diseases of skin.

The advantages of the medicine are: the shortening of healing period and simple usage. Vinylinum should be applied directly to the wound or the gauze bandage should be made. It depends on how serious the disease is.

The decrease of pain syndrome in a wound happens in all cases of application.

Vinylinum is non toxic and absolutely safe.
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