Venoruton Foot Gel, 1.41 oz/ 40 g

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Reduces pores between endothelial cells through modification of the fibrous matrix, located between the endothelial cells. Inhibits aggregation and increases the deformability of red blood cells, has anti-inflammatory action.

In chronic venous insufficiency Venoruton reduces the severity of edema, pain, spasms and trophic disorders, varicose ulcers. Relieves the symptoms associated with hemorrhoids - a pain, itching and bleeding.

Thanks to the favorable impact of Venorutona permeability and resistance of capillary walls, he slows the development of diabetic retinopathy. In addition, its effect on the rheological properties of blood helps prevent mikrotrombozov retina. Venoruton gel reduces swelling, as well as the severity of other symptoms associated with chronic venous insufficiency of the lower extremities or traumatic injury.

Venoruton gel - water gel that contains no alcohol, it is easily absorbed, odorless and leaves no greasy spots.
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