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Valentin Dikul Cream Balm for Radiculitis, 2.53 oz/ 75 Ml

SKU: 204742


The properties and efficiency of Valentin Dikul Cream Balm for Radiculitis is explained by the synergistic action of its constituent components:
- Bee venom has a long history of use in diseases of the joints and spine. Currently, bee venom is used in ointments for arthritis, radiculitis, myositis, myalgia, neuralgia and paralysis. Research confirmed that the peptides and enzymes in bee venom have analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, stimulate local blood circulation, have a warming and resolving action.
- Shilajit is one of the most powerfull bio-stimulants, it activates regenerative processes, accelerates regeneration of bone and cartilage tissue, slows down the aging process of joints, reduces aches that occur when weather changes. 
Bear bile, an old folk remedy for pain in joints and sciatica, it has a warming, anti-inflammatory and anti-edema effect.
- Cayenne pepper has strong warming and resolving action, dilates blood vessels, thereby improving circulation and nutrition of joints, activates blood circulation.
- The complex of medicinal plant extracts helps reduce inflammation, stimulates reparative processes in tissues, has antioxidant, analgesic and muscle relaxant (muscle-relaxing) effects.
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