Tver Linseed Nutritional Oil, 8.75 oz/ 250 ml

SKU: 206439
Linseed oil - prevents vascular disease and blood clots. Daily consumption of flaxseed oil helps prevent the development of heart attacks, as due to a decrease in blood viscosity and normalization of the level of fat in the blood pressure on the heart is reduced. Eating polyunsaturated fatty acids helps to reduce blood pressure indicators. The efficacy of flaxseed oil for the prevention of breast cancer, but, besides linseed oil makes it easier for premenstrual syndrome and perimenopause, improves skin and hair, promotes healing of damaged tissue. Flax seed oil has emollient, anti-inflammatory, enveloping, diuretic, laxative, bactericidal action. Linseed oil is recommended for inflammation of the kidneys and bladder stones.
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