Turbo Slim comprehensive weight loss program.

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A set of "comprehensive weight loss program Turboslim" - a kind of "first aid kit for losing weight", which contains all the necessary tools for cleaning, fixing, and active weight loss progress. Carefully following all the recommendations of the "Comprehensive weight-loss program Turboslim", you can quickly get in shape and achieve visible results in just 2 weeks:

Weight reduction of up to 7 kg *
Reducing the volume of up to minus 3 cm in waist *

The kit includes the most popular means of a series of "Turboslim" - products needed for healthy weight loss:

Complex enhanced formula "Turboslim Day" and "Turboslim Night" enhanced formula.
"Turboslim Alpha"
"Turboslim cappuccino"
Bars - "Turboslim"
Cream "Turboslim Night" - a gift

Thanks to properly chosen means for the correction of weight, a two-week range of weight loss, you can:

Accelerate the burning of fat
Reduce appetite and cravings
Speed ​​up your metabolism
Get rid of toxins
Withdraw excess fluid
Reduce the appearance of cellulite
Enhance skin elasticity

The packaging of a set of "comprehensive weight loss program Turboslim" gives detailed advice on diet for 2 weeks, which take into account the specifics of weight loss and diet Russian women, as well - useful information about the three stages of weight loss (cleansing, active weight loss, strengthening the result).
Turbo Slim comprehensive weight loss program.
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