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Troychatka, 40 Caps

SKU: 200736
Carnation,tansy flowers and extract- Costmary Extract and Costmary Flowers
- Common Wormwood Extract and Grass
- Carnation Buds
Costmary Extract and Costmary Flowers
Showing antimicrobal and antihelminthic properties, effective against intestinal parasites, improving gastrointestinal tract gland secretion and toning up its musculature, exerting analgetic and antiinflammatory activity;
Common Wormwood Extract and Grass
Having antihelmithic properties of wide range, especially effective against round helminths (ascarids, seatworm), normalizing funcioning of gastrointestinal tract, improving digestion, increasing bile secretion and its outflow, preventing formation of stones, stimulating gastric juice secretion.
Carnation Buds
Have strong antiseptic properties, reduces fermentation and putrefaction processes in the bowels. In comparision with the costmary and wormwood protecting against adult parasites carnation eliminates helminth eggs.
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