Thyme Essential Oil "Aromatika", 10 ml

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Action: antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, antiseptic, immunomodulatory, anti-inflammatory, hypotensive (blood pressure increases), cardiotonic, obschestimuliruyuschee, tonic, sedative, wound healing, expectorant, antispasmodic, analgesic, decongestant, diuretic, carminative, antihelminthic, insecticide, deodorant.
The oil has strong antiseptic properties, as determined by the presence in it of thymol, "phenol coefficient" which is equal to 25.
The most striking quality of medicinal thyme oil is its healing (inflammatory, warming, expectorant and emollient) effect on the organs dyhaniya.Eto effective remedy for bronchitis, cough, laryngitis, sinusitis, sore throats, colds, flu, tonsillitis, rhinopharyngitis, tuberculosis.
Powerful immune modulator, promoting adequate production and leukocyte cells and increases their activity in infectious diseases, which helps the body to cope with the disease.
Thanks diuretic and antiseptic properties of essential oil of thyme is effective in infections of the genitourinary system. It effectively relieves inflammation of the bladder and ureters, as well as the cervix (cervicitis) and fallopian tubes (salpingitis). This is one of the few oils are effective against chlamydia.
Oil increases sexual activity and is a sexual stimulant (aphrodisiac). In men prevents premature ejaculation. In women, the menstrual cycle and normalize the volume of menstrual flow (effective at the scarcity of menstruation), provokes the onset of menstruation when a small delay. It eliminates premenstrual syndrome. It is believed that the oil helps in childbirth: accelerates the appearance of the fetus and placenta output. It has disinfecting effects, particularly in miscarriage. Some doctors believe that oil has abortive effect in the early stages of pregnancy.
Thyme oil displays the body of uric acid, eliminates puffiness, helps with excess weight, a positive impact on the patients with rheumatism, arthritis, gout, myositis, neuritis, sciatica, sports injuries.
Potentiates the enzyme activity of the gastrointestinal tract, improves appetite and normalize digestion, eliminates indigestion and flatulence, relieves spasms of the intestine. Well disinfects the digestive tract. Due to the use of anti-microbial properties of oil is particularly effective for gastroenteritis caused by foodborne diseases. It has glitstogonnym action. It helps for headaches that occur due to problems with digestion. Good tool for oral care. Effectively stomatitis, glossitis, inflammation and bleeding gums.
It has cardiotonic action, activates blood circulation, increases capillary blood flow, increases blood pressure. Maybe stop nosebleeds.
It tones the nervous system, stimulates the activity of the brain. It relieves fatigue, improves memory and concentration, eliminates confusion, forgetfulness, clumsiness and anxiety. Elevates mood, increases the thirst for activity and helps to cope with depression. It is believed that the oil is able to deduce from his stupor and heal emotional wounds. Relieves nervous shudder when overexcited or due to hypothermia. Normalizes sleep. It is recommended for people weak, sluggish. It is a means of contributing to the deliverance from drug and alcohol addiction.
As a strong antiseptic oil helps to heal wounds, ulcers, cuts, burns, carbuncles, boils, and other pus lesions. It removes infiltrates, blisters, burning, pain, redness, swelling and itching. It gives a positive effect on weeping eczema, psoriasis and other dermatitis. Regulates the sebaceous glands, helps with acne. The oil has antioxidant properties. It is recommended for sluggish oily skin, and as a means to combat cellulite. The most striking therapeutic kosmeticheskimkachestvom thyme oil is its anti-parasitic properties that make it effective for scabies and lice. A powerful antidote to insect bites - eliminates burning, pain, redness.
Thyme oil is a good tonic for the scalp, which helps get rid of dandruff, stops hair loss, breathing life back into the weakened, damaged hair, which came under heavy exposure to chemicals in the process of dyeing and perming.
Cough, bronchitis, catarrh of the upper respiratory tract, severe prolonged pneumonia, rhinitis, laryngitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, sinusitis, colds, flu, tuberculosis.
Arthritis, gout, rheumatism, edema, myositis, neuritis, sciatica, sports injuries.
Infectious diseases of the genitourinary system (cystitis, urethritis, cervicitis, salpingitis). Premenstrual syndrome, poor menstruation, delayed menstruation. Premature ejaculation.
Dyspepsia, flatulence, intestinal cramps, gastroenteritis, intestinal poisoning, inflammation and bleeding gums, stomatitis, glossitis.
Fatigue, asthenia, insomnia, depression, anxiety, insomnia, neurasthenia, headache, memory loss, drug and alcohol addiction.
Cholelithiasis. Low blood pressure. Cellulite. Overweight.
Pediculosis, scabies. Dermatitis, boils, carbuncles, acne, acne, eczema, psoriasis, cuts, sores, burns, infiltrations, blisters, swelling, itching, insect bites, hair loss, dandruff.
Methods of Use:
Inhalation - 1-2 drops of thyme oil, 3-7 minutes duration of the procedure.
The bath was added 3 - 5 drops of essential oils, premixed with an emulsifier (1 / 4-1 / 3 cup milk, whey, or a solution of kitchen salt sea).
For the massage - 3 drops to 10 ml of base oil.
For rastirok - 5 - 7 drops per 10 ml of base oil.
For compresses - 2-3 drops to 1 cup water.
The aroma lamp - drip 3-5 15 m2.
In aromakulon: 2-3 drops.
To enrich the creams and tonics - 3 drops 5 ml basis.
For lubrication areas affected by scabies - 5 drops of oil to 10 ml of a fatty oil. When lice: to lubricate comb and combing hair - one of the thyme oil into 7 parts of vegetable fat (better peach, almond or jojoba oil); for shampooing - 5 - 7 drops per 20 ml of the shampoo.
Thyme Essential Oil "Aromatika", 10 ml
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