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Thermal Water Essentuki #4 (Glass Bottle), 16.5 oz/ 0.5 liter

SKU: 200071
Since long ago Thermal water Esentuki has been appreciated for its unique beneficial properties. Its name originates from the town situated in the Caucasus. The town Esentuki was founded in the 30-s of the 19 century. Close on a hundred year later there was established spa which soon became famous all over the world. Due to numerous healing properties of local waters this place historically was the point of destination of people suffering from diseases of all sorts. Esentuki water was also extensively used for therapy tanks.

Many scientific researches have shown that Esentuki water possesses exceptional characteristics beneficial for treatment of gastrointestinal diseases as well as for liver and biliary tracts diseases. It is beneficial for patients with diabetes, obesity and other metabolic derangements. Regular consumption of this water is also very useful for healthy people. It takes off the weariness, refreshes and invigorates you.

Today you don’t need to go pilgrimage to Caucasus to experience miraculous beneficial properties of Esentuki water. In our supermarket you will find genuine Thermal water Esentuki #4 and #17. Feеl its smooth taste and refreshing properties! Enjoy its durable positive effect!
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