Taragon Soda, 11.15 oz/ 330 Ml

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So popular is Tarragon in modern Russia that its citizens have long ago forgotten that initially it was the name of herb distinguished by certain healing properties. Today the majority of the Russians unanimously associate the word of Tarragon with soviet carbonated beverage.

Classical technology of this legendary emerald-color beverage was elaborated in 1971 in Soviet times. It was sold in huge glass siphon, better known by the sobriquet of В«CheburashkaВ». The basic component of the drink is the extract of tarragon. This unique plant came from Mongolia and South Siberia and from time immemorial was well-known for its healing properties. It was extensively used in different regions for the medical and preventing purposes. Simultaneously there were revealed cooking qualities of tarragon. Its leaves were used for various salads. The plant also was used as a spice or condiment for different dishes. For the production of drinks tarragon was first brought into use in 1900 in the Georgian town of Kutaisi. Here was founded the first factory engaged in the manufacture of tarragon-based natural syrups.

The carbonated beverage Tarragon possesses many of the useful properties of the herb mentioned. It contains alkaloids, flavonoids, volatile oil and essential vitamins C and carotene. Tarragon stimulates the appetite, makes for better digestion, strengthens the walls of blood vessels and is efficient with insomnia.

Our supermarket offer you to feel the real flavor of Tarragon which tastes the same way it did in Soviet times!
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