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Suppositories with Propolis 10 pcs

SKU: 202366


Propolis Suppositories. Please read carefully before using this product. If you have any questions or concerns about the use of this product, talk to your doctor, in addition, talk to your pharmacist or other health provider. Active ingredient: (per each suppository) Propolis extract in oil 0.3 g, Inactive ingredient: Hydrogenated Oil - 1.6 g. Purpose: Rectal use. Use: an easy and safe compliment to dietary treatments. It allows the bodys natural defense to regain control when the system has become unbalanced. Use only after a competent medical diagnosis of the symptoms and under medical supervision. Warnings: FOR RECTAL USE ONLY. IN CASE OF BLEEDING, CONSULT PHYSICIAN PROMPTLY.
Suppositories with Propolis 10 pcs
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