Sunflower Seed Oil "Lenten", 33.81 oz/ 1 liter

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Sunflower Oil "Lenten" is manufactured by Trading House "Fair" with the blessing of the rector of Holy Transfiguration church of Kizhi Island, the priest Nicholas Ozolina.

Part of the income from sales goes to the needs of the parish of Holy Transfiguration of Kizhi Island.

Sunflower oil "Lenten" is produced using the method of "cold pressing". This method of collecting oil allows to obtain oil with a very low degree of oxidation. Due to the low oxidized oil increases the shelf life without the use of synthetic antioxidants or inert gas up to 12 months, which gives an additional competitive advantage for sales in remote regions.

This oil has a high level of quality, unlike the vast majority of unrefined oils, manufactured in Russia. It saved the maximum amount of natural biologically active substances and vitamins, especially E and A.

Sunflower oil "Lenten" has a very pleasant, weakly taste and smell.
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