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Succinic Acid Amber Acid for Weight Loss, 40 Tabs

SKU: 201877
Altai Farm
- Expressed improves most organs: brain, heart (it improves the power and strength), kidney (dissolves stones), liver, etc. - Succinic acid prevents the formation of tumors and inhibits growth has already occurred. - Strengthens the immune system. - Succinic acid stimulates insulin and to reduce blood sugar, which is important for longevity. - Normalizes the nervous system. - Succinic acid counteracts stress. - Enhances the action of other drugs. So use it with other health-improving drugs will provide a more pronounced effect. - Succinic acid inhibits inflammatory processes (normalizes the content of histamine and serotonin). - Neutralizes many poisons (including smoking, alcohol, drugs, etc.) - Succinic acid increases the microcirculation of the organs and tissues. - Activates a number of important enzymes, etc.
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