Stimmunal, 20 Tabs

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Uncaria Tomentosa extract"Stimmunal" drug to strengthen the immune system, which meets all requirements. As part of "Stimmunala - bark extract Unkariya tomentoza made in the International Pharmacopoeia. Oksiindolovye Unkariya alkaloids in the "Stimmunala" have both
antioxidant and imunnomoduliruyuschim action, actively encourage and strengthen the immune system. And if you wait too long to take "Stimmunal" and still get sick - to receive "Stimmunala" in a stronger dosage accelerate recovery, and you will feel much better. In addition, "Stimmunal, unlike other immunomodulators, can be used for a long time, especially for immunocompromised.

Without losing the extra days, start to take "Stimmunal" today - help your immunity!
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