Star Eyebright, 30 Tabs

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Eyebright extract, eyebright herb powder, vitamin C, zinc oxide, rutin, vitamin B2, vitamin A.To prevent age-related changes of view, it is necessary to provide additional protection for the eyes. Help in this natural non-drug means "Star eyebright" of pharmaceutical companies Evalar.

At the heart of "Star eyebright" - extract of the herb eyebright. The people eyebright are called - "Eye grass." Capsule "Starry eyebright" contain an extract of eyebright, which is tens times the force of the most grass!

"Star eyebright" contributes to the functional state of the visual apparatus, preventing age-related changes in vision.
Folk wisdom is not after a quick result. Effect of the use of herbs does not occur immediately, but it is reliable and does not disappear once you stop taking.
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