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Smecta, 10 Packs

SKU: 201737
SMECTA is a non-systemic gastrointestinal tract muco-protective agent which interacts with mucus molecules, to strengthen the mucosal barrier and protect the apical pole of the enterocytes and tight junctions against bacteria and toxin present within the lumen. Interestingly, dioctahedral smectite has been shown to have a specific binding action for rotavirus, one of the main causes of diarrhoea in children. SMECTA antidiarrhoeal properties involved two mechanisms: adsorption of toxin, bacteria and viruses and reinforces the intestinal mucus barrier, a pharmacological effect that is likely to be related to the clinically observed reduction in duration of acute diarrhoea. SMECTA benefits: ? significantly shortens duration and reduces frequency of diarrhea in children and adults ? reduces the costs of treating gastroenteritis. ? is presented in powder form, provides fast onset of action. ? alleviates painful symptoms caused by abnormal bowel motions. ? has high safety profile with no systemic side effects DIRECTIONS: CHILDREN: Under 1 year old: 1 sachete per 24 hours dissolved in 100ml of liquid (i.e. milk, juice, tea, water) 1 - 2 years old: 1 to 2 sachetes in a 24 hour period. 2 years and up: 2 to 3 sachetes in a 24 hour period. ADULTS: 3 sachetes per day in 100ml of liquid. In case of severe diarrhea, you may double the first dose (i.e. 2 sachetes in 100ml of liquid)
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