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"Siberian Pearl" Natural Siberian Toothpaste, 3.35 oz/ 100 g (Natura Siberica)

SKU: 203925
Natura Siberica
Toothpaste "Pearl of Siberia" because of the high concentration of active ingredients of Siberian herbs, this toothpaste safely lightens tooth enamel and takes care of the entire oral cavity.
White pearl clay and salt brine effectively remove plaque, restoring the natural whiteness of your teeth;
Baikal skullcap organic extract has anti-inflammatory and astringent;
The extract of wild berries Schisandra strengthens the gums, freshens breath for a long time.

Siberia is a unique place on our planet. The extracts and oils of herbs growing in Siberia have miraculous healing properties, which have been known for hundreds of years. Natura Siberica Company is pleased to present to you the long-awaited line of "Born in Siberia", natural toothpastes based on extracts of wild herbs of Siberia, which have addressed a protective, regenerating, firming action, and will give your teeth a healthy white smile for a long time.

Does not contain:
Mineral oils
Artificial colors
"Siberian Pearl" Natural Siberian Toothpaste, 3.35 oz/ 100 g (Natura Siberica)
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