Siberian Fiber Laxative

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Sibirskaya Kletchatka
Ingredients: wheat grain shell, oregano herb plantain leaf, dandelion root, nettle leaf, yarrow herb, dill leaf, buckthorn bark.
Problems with a chair, many people are experiencing. Most often, they are the result of poor nutrition, lack of exercise, age-related loss of motor activity of the intestine.
Nature came up with a simple and affordable recipe for prevention of constipation and plant fiber - fiber. Our product is additionally impregnated laxative tea from organic Siberian herbs.
Every bit of fiber impregnated with a laxative tea. Besides herbs themselves remain in the product, because many of the nutrients contained in them do not go into water infusion in normal brewing, but now they get to your body with fiber.
Regular consumption of dietary fiber improves: the bowels, normalize weight;
significantly improves the color and texture of the skin, the body gives lightness and good mood diet enriched in fiber, vitamins, trace elements, prevents diseases related to malnutrition;
helps detoxify the body.

During pregnancy and lactation, before applying to consult a doctor.
Siberian Fiber Laxative
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