Shampoo "Special" for Hair Loss and Brittle Hair with Mummy and Herbs for All Hair Types, 10.14 oz/ 300 Ml

SKU: 201709
Grandma Agafia
Special shampoo Agafea against loss and breakage created by infusion of 17 Siberian herbs, red juniper and Baikal golden root for melt water, with the addition of mummies. From ancient times to the wise people's practice to use the melt water: bring to the hut tub full of snow or ice, and waited ... it melts and then used for recovery. Content in shampoo melt water provides a very soft foundation for washing, and when combined with the amazing natural properties of its components - a mountain of mummy balm, Baikal golden root and red juniper - save your hair from falling out, give them strength and ensure healthy growth.
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