Honey Shampoo Shine and Volume, 11.83 oz/ 350 Ml

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Grandma Agafia
Soap-root is a natural and gentle means to wash your hair, as opposed to the conventional shampoos.

Shampoo "shine and volume is based on the original recipe of Agafya Tikhonovna Ermakova. Siberian healer Agafia Ermakova recommends to use Perga and beeswax as hair care products.

Perga - "bee bread", one of the most valuable Apifitoprodukten, which is prepared from the flowers of bee-pollen. This is a very energetic substance. Perga included all B vitamins, carotene and natural antibiotics and Vitamin P - youth-vitamin. They stimulate the growth of new cells. The hair gets shine and vitality.

Beeswax smooths the hair and improves its structure, eliminates the problem of split ends, increases the volume.
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