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Diveevo Sea Buckthorn Oil 100ml

SKU: 200020


Vitamins A,P,E, oleic, linoleic and palmitic acids


Sea-Buckthorn Oil "Altayskoe Diveevo" is a remedy of vegetable origin. It has rejuvenating, healing and tonic properties. It eliminates the salts of heavy metals, normalizes liver function, increases the potency and has a positive effect on thyroid function. It is used topically for sores, burns and wounds. It is taken by mouth for inflammatory diseases and ulcers of the gastrointestinal tract, for hypo-and avitaminosis, for the prevention of cancer.

The composition of the oil of sea buckthorn

The peculiarity of sea buckthorn oil - a perfect balance of all the vitamins and minerals that make up. Useful and therapeutic properties of sea buckthorn oil are due to synergy - kind of interaction, in which the effect of the combination is greater than the sum of the effects of each of the substances taken separately.

The sea buckthorn berry contains from 3% to 10% vegetable oil. Its rich composition comprising:

vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, B9;
ascorbic acid;
vitamins K, E, P, C;
a plurality of microelements, including calcium, magnesium, strontium, silicon, molybdenum, iron, etc .;
fruit, salicylic, succinic organic acids;
fatty acid Omega-3-6-9;
Carotenoids (which is synthesized from vitamin A);
pectins, and many others. al.

The CORE BRANCHES HIDDEN large number of serotonin, which has a very beneficial effect on the central nervous system, and also retards the growth of malignant tumors. The leaves of this unsightly PLANTS THIS TREASURE HID IN THE FORM ascorbic acid, oleanolic and ursolic acid.

INTERESTING FACT: IN carotenoid content of sea buckthorn oil ranked first among all vegetable oils, and the content of vitamin C is second only to Oil of rose hips.


Through the widest range of truly useful properties (wound-healing, immunomodulatory, antibacterial, choleretic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, oncological and radioprotective and others.) Rich in antibiotics, minerals, antioxidants and oil for centuries finds application in treating and preventing the most varied diseases.

With constant use of sea buckthorn oil activates pancreatic exocrine function, improves digestion, regulated secretion of gastric juice, increased motor-evacuation function of the intestine, improves metabolism in the liver and restores damaged as a result of the action of toxins or alcohol hepatocytes, preventing the development of liver steatosis. Also, oil has healing and protective action with erosive and ulcerative lesions of the mucous of the esophagus, stomach and intestines, preventing the development of inflammatory processes in these organs. Therefore, oil is used in the treatment of esophagitis, gastroduodenitis, gastritis with high acidity, ulcers, colitis, enterocolitis, ulcerative colitis, and are advised to include in the diet for the prevention of fatty liver and gallstones.

Sea-buckthorn oil is rich in substances that are necessary for proper operation of organs of vision. The retinal pigment synthesis Carotenoids play an essential role, and also reduces the risk of disease of the cornea and mucous. Vitamins B, you need to complete the retina and optic nerve, helps to prevent cataract and plays a role in reducing the pressure. Vitamin C and flavonoids helps to improve the blood supply to different parts of the EYES, reduce intraocular pressure, and actively prevent the development of inflammatory processes and the protection of eye tissues from attack by free radicals. THEREFORE, sea buckthorn oil in ointments or as drops are used to treat injuries and burns EYE, blepharitis, trachoma, conjunctivitis, keratitis, radiation damage. FOR PREVENTION cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy is especially useful INTERNAL USE OIL.

Held by the oil substances that have anti-inflammatory, healing and bactericidal effect, help to improve the processes of granulation and epithelialization of skin diseases and traumatic injuries. Therefore, sea buckthorn oil is effective in the treatment of burns, frostbite, fractures, cuts and wounds hardhealed.

In addition, the treatment of gum disease, oral and throat and respiratory tract may also oil consumption benefit. This useful product has long been used topically to treat tonsillitis, pharyngitis, sinusitis, laryngitis, sinusitis, nasopharyngitis. Among other things, oil, bringing relief from a toothache, it is very effective in the treatment of stomatitis, periodontal disease, gingivitis, periodontitis, periodontitis, and is also used in dentistry for the healing of surgical wounds.

It is noteworthy that the sea buckthorn oil is effective in the treatment of diseases of female genital sphere. This versatile tool is often used in the illnesses of female genitals: vaginitis, endometritis, thrush and vaginal mucosa injury.

Sea-buckthorn oil is a source of substances that have beneficial effects on the heart and blood vessels. It helps reduce cholesterol, enhance and improve elasticity of the walls vessels, prevents the formation of plaques and blood clots, prevents inflammatory processes in the cardiovascular system, normalizing PRESSURE AND clotting. Therefore oil is often used in the prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis, ischemic diseases, inflammatory diseases of vessels and the heart.
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