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Salmon Caviar Russian Traditional, 7.05 oz/ 200 g

SKU: 200048


Salmon Caviar Russian Traditional is the product highly valued all over the world. It is the first-class salmon roe - the most loved and desired delicacy. Its appearance on the holiday dinner table is considered to be the sign of prosperity and wealth of those who can afford it. Besides, having a magnificent flavour and exceptionally fine tast, red caviar is beneficial for health. It contains a lot of vitamins (A, D, E) and amino acids. Scientific tests show that it is also a rich source of easily digestible iodine. Among other elements vitally important for functioning of the organism there are phosphorus, iron, potassium and folic acid. In general red caviar is digested very easily what makes it a unique product to add to the diet of people with poor health. This marine product contains cholesterol as well, but its bad influence is counteracted by lecithin. There are no contraindications for consuming red caviar, the amounts should be reasonable.

This site will help you to select the product you need. Every item has a description and is aimed at helping you to make up your mind. In our online supermarket we offer our clients really amazing choice of marine products including caviar, fish and seafood. Salmon Caviar Russian Traditional has a special place. The can contains 200 grams of product and is easy to open.

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