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Russian Dark Aerated Chocolate, 3.52 oz/ 100 g

SKU: 200514
Russian Chocolate


Russia Black porous chocolate is produced in Russia on the confectionery “Russian Chocolateâ€. It first appeared on the shelves of the shops in 1998 and attracted the attention of all the customers to its wrapping. The symbol of Russia was depicted on it – the outstanding Kremlin. Among the goods the company manufactures there is porous chocolate. The corporation is considered to be the leading producer in this sphere. The motto of the company says: “The highest quality at a reasonable priceâ€ and it proves to be true. Most shoppers, funs of Black porous chocolate, prefer to set their choice on “Russian Chocolateâ€.

The main difference of porous chocolate from other types of sweets consists in the porous structure of the former. That is why it is regarded as an exceptional dessert. The taste is delicate, the chocolate literally melts in one’s mouth.

The bars are released in a packing of 100 grams. The nutritional value is 529 kcal. In the production only raw materials of premium quality are used. They include sugar, cacao oil, dried milk, lactose, lecithin and vanilla. Storage conditions are quite simple. The temperature should be about 18 C and relative air humidity should not exceed 75%. The shelf life of chocolate bars is 9 months in case all the storage conditions are observed.

The taste is delicate, the chocolate literally melts in one’s mouth.

Russian Dark Aerated Chocolate, 3.52 oz/ 100 g
Russia Black porous chocolate
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