Rosemary Essential Oil "Aromatika", 10 ml

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Action: obschestimuliruyuschee, tonic, antidepressant, hypertensive, cardiotonic, antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, expectorant, astringent, antispasmodic, hepatoprotective, chologenic, choleretic, diuretic, diaphoretic, carminative, anti-oxidant, detoxifying, analgesic, wound healing, anti-rheumatic, anti, resolving, insecticidal.
Rosemary - "flavor of the heart." Most memorable and unsurpassed quality of medicinal rosemary - optimization of circulation. The use of rosemary oil helps to strengthen blood vessel walls, removal of vascular spasms, toning of the heart, enhance blood circulation and lymph flow. As powerful vegetoregulyatorom, rosemary oil is effective in neurocirculatory dystonia. By optimizing coronary blood flow, rosemary oil weakens the effects of oxygen starvation of the heart muscle, exerting a beneficial effect in coronary heart disease. Onotakzhe improves cerebral blood circulation, eliminates eyestrain and improves visual acuity. Several raising blood pressure, helps normalize low blood pressure, dizziness and eliminate hypotonic removal from fainting. It eliminates the inflammation of blood vessels with varicose veins, hemorrhoids, phlebitis, and takzheokazyvaet positive effects in anemia. Improve blood circulation in the muscles, eliminates the "muscular hangover" after intense exercise, helping to wash away the accumulated lactic acid in the muscles. It makes muscles supple and prevents their traumatic hyperextension during training, making it more effective stretching exercises. It is a good anti-inflammatory and decongestant.
It stimulates the digestive processes and optimizes the digestive system, increasing the functional activity of the stomach, intestines, liver and gall bladder. Regenerating liver tissue. With choleretic effect, helps eliminate stagnation in the liver and gall bladder, removes inflammatory processes and prevents the formation of stones in the gall bladder and.
It has an antioxidant effect, preventing free radicals and helping to eliminate them from the tissue that prevents premature aging. Oil normalizes the increased rates of lipid peroxidation by reducing the level of diene conjugates, diene ketones and increase the activity of catalase.
Rosemary oil also has anti-sclerotic effect, reducing atherogenic factor, contributing to reduction in total lipids and beta-lipoproteins in the blood.
It acts on the nervous system tonic. Leveraging the cerebral circulation, improves nutrition of nerve cells. Improves memory, increases concentration, activation of thought processes, eliminate physical and mental fatigue. Is an excellent remedy for amnesia, used to eliminate "holes" in memory. It helps to memorize foreign words, names, numbers. Enhances intuition. Orders thoughts and clears the mind, inducing a sense of clarity in my head. It relieves headaches and migraines. Eliminates dizziness caused by vascular spasm. It helps restore tone temporarily paralyzed limbs, and in some cases - restoration of function of speech, hearing and vision. It is painkiller devoid of pronounced sedation.
The scent of rosemary oil can effectively regulate the emotional background, eliminate stress and post-stress reaction stress. It creates conditions for easier overcoming psychological barriers and problems. It eliminates excessive shyness, mistrust, uncertainty in the forces. It helps to overcome apathy. It is an excellent remedy for morning grouchy. Gives confidence returns extinguished interest in life, it encourages an active lifestyle.
Rosemary oil - a powerful stimulator of the body's defenses: increases both the immunological reactivity and nonspecific resistance.
Is a strong antiseptic: its "phenol coefficient" is equal to 5.2, that is, it is stronger than phenol (carbolic acid) by 5.2 times. Aromatization of premises in them reduces the number of pathogens and prevents the spread of infection during epidemics. In the respiratory system has anti-inflammatory, emollient and antitussive effect. Warms, relieves bronchial spasms and asthma.
Oil normalizes the menstrual cycle and facilitates the premenstrual syndrome. It stimulates and normalizes menstruation scarce. Can weaken menstrual cramps. Aphrodisiac.
It has a pronounced tonic effect on the skin. It stimulates local blood circulation and cell renewal. It promotes healing of wounds, and in the subsequent resorption of scars. Eliminates dead skin and soften rough skin, restores softness and elasticity of the epidermis, smooths wrinkles and folds, leveling the skin relief. With a strong astringent (toning and binding) effect, the oil has a positive effect on the flabby skin, reduces swelling, odutlovatost.Uluchshaet power scalp stimulates hair growth and inhibits hair loss. Causes a reduction in long reduces hypersecretion of the sebaceous glands, normalizes oily and impure skin with open pores, prevents the formation of comedones, removes dandruff oily seborrhea.
With strong antiseptic properties, oil promotes rapid healing of wounds, eliminate acne, boils, abscesses, abscesses, rashes bacterial and viral etiology. Protivotsellyulitnye potent means of improving blood flow and promotes the excretion of toxins from fat tissue.
Coronary heart disease, cardioneurosis, tachycardia, low blood pressure, vascular dystonia, varicose veins (if no nodes and inflammation), hemorrhoids, phlebitis.
High mental stress, mental stress and fatigue, the decline of intellectual powers, impaired memory, reduced concentration, stress, apathy, depression, hysteria, neurasthenia, cardioneurosis, vascular dystonia, hypotension, headache, neuralgia.

Gallstones, stagnation in the liver, hepatitis, cirrhosis, cholelithiasis, jaundice, biliary dyskinesia, colitis, dyspepsia, flatulence, stomach pain, constipation, diarrhea, gastroenteritis, dyspepsia, flatulence, cystitis, prevention of formation of sand and stones gallbladder.
The common cold, asthma, chronic bronchitis, influenza, acute respiratory infections, coughs, sinusitis, whooping cough, acute respiratory infections and prevention of influenza.
Arteriosclerosis, rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, muscle aches and cramps, myositis, osteochondrosis, fatigue, muscle tension, edemas.
Irregular menstruation, painful periods, leucorrhoea. Frigidity, impotence.
The perfect remedy for oily, porous kamedonov affected skin prone to violations of local blood circulation. Treats dermatitis, various inflammation and irritation of the skin, abscesses, cellulitis, wounds, burns, scars, fungal infections, acne and furunkuleznuyu rash, eczema, septic wounds. Used in hair care to prevent hair loss and dandruff.
Effective for cellulite and obesity.
Advanced age, increasing the adaptive capacities of the organism to new climatic conditions, meteopaticheskie reaction desynchronosis. The use of oil is especially useful for people working with a computer for a long time.
Methods of Use:
To use rubbing alcohol solution of 2% essential oil.
For massage 5-7 drops per 10 ml of fat base.
For compresses - 5-7 drops to 1 cup of warm water.
The bath - 10-15 drops of essential oils, premixed with an emulsifier (1 / 4-1 / 3 cup milk, whey, honey solution, table salt or sea).
The aroma lamp - 3-5 drops.
Inhalation 3-5 drops. In acute respiratory diseases rosemary oil is very well combined with eucalyptus and peppermint essential oil in the ratio 1: 1: 1).
For enrichment of creams, ointments, shampoos - 3 drops to 10 ml of base.
Even if no oil burner, or with contraindications to taking a bath, you can add a few drops of rosemary essential oil in cold water and rub the body strongly with a sponge, leading to a stimulation of blood circulation in the muscles weak and cold extremities.
Rosemary Essential Oil  "Aromatika", 10 ml
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