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PuriTea for Liver Cleansing and Weight Loss, 40 Bags

SKU: 201166
Jewish Tea


Glycyrrhiza Glabra-Licorice, Gunara Scolumus-Artichoke, Silybum Marianum-Silibinim, Dandelion, Arctium Lappa, Turmeric-Curcuma Longa, Schisandra Chinensis, Zingebir Officinale, Green Tea, Corn- Maize, Beetz-Beta Vilgaris, Urtica Dioica, Calendula Officinalis.Natural purity is a 100% natural herbal brew, enables cleansing & purifying the liver, the major organ that cleans and purifies your body. This unique formula contains a mixture of medicinal plants, known in the naturopathy for its ability to clean the liver. Natural purity assists a continuous natural process of cleansing & purifying the liver, preventing the accumulation of toxic materials in the tissues. A daily use of Natural purity contributes & supports the liver activity, stimulates your body metabolism and allows a proper functioning of your body vital systems such as the digestive system, immune, lymph, nerves etc.
PuriTea for Liver Cleansing and Weight Loss, 40 Bags
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