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Prostokvasha Fresh Made, 32 oz/ 0.94 liter

SKU: 200114
Fresh Made


From time immemorial sour-milk products have been among the staples in European diets. Our ancestors highly appraised these products not only for their unique useful properties and beneficial impacts on human health. They were appreciated as well for their exquisite and delicate taste.
Each region has taken advantage of different varieties of sour-milk products. For example mountain dwellers would use legendary В«ayranВ» while peoples of Western Europe preferred cheese in all its diversities.
In the territory of Eastern European were extensively used several varieties sour-milk products. They are kefir, ryazhenka and Prostokvasha ! Who knows, perhaps the legendary mystery of Slavic people’s might lies right here – in consistent consumption of these products!
Nowadays they haven’t lost their popularity but on the contrary gradually acquire new fans throughout the world! Of special success is Prostokvasha endowed with exquisite taste, warm cream tint and smooth texture.
Our supermarket invites you to appreciate numerous useful properties and delicate taste of Prostokvasha made by Fresh Made. This company is one of the USA’s leaders in the domain of kefir industry. The manufacturing process engages only first-class milk and advanced technologies.
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