Homeopathic Propolis Ointment, 1.05 oz/ 30 g

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Structure and Composition

Propolis ointment homeopathic:

In 10 g of ointment contains: tincture of propolis (Propolis 1 D) - 5g, Vaseline medical - up to 100g. As of 30 g tubes

Pharmachologic effect

Propolis (bee glue) is a product of bee activity. Propolis, a homeopathic ointment has antipruritic and analgesic effect, promotes the growth of granulation tissue, accelerates the process of regeneration and epithelialization of the wound surfaces, has a weakly pronounced anti-inflammatory action.
Propolis ointment homeopathic, indications for use

In the combined therapy of chronic eczema, neurodermatitis, itching dermatoses, nonhealing wounds and trophic ulcers.
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