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Specialist Cedar Nut Oil, 3.38 oz/ 100 Ml

SKU: 201147


100% Cedar oilThe use of cedar oil is especially useful living and working in adverse climatic and environmental conditions employed in jobs with high energy and excessive psycho-loads. It requires regular use of cedar oil for children, for a fuller form of the growing organism. Oil is widely used as an effective folk remedy for treating colds, frostbite, burns, tuberculosis, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as kidney disease, nerve disorders.
- Used as a preventive measure as a restorative remedy for eliminating chronic fatigue syndrome, raising the vitality, improve physical condition, improve physical and mental performance. Increases energy of the whole organism.
- Due to high levels of youth vitamin - vitamin E (55 mg per 100 g), cedar oil has a rejuvenating effect on the body, slowing the aging process.
- Facilitates quick and efficient state of the organism in laryngitises and ARI (colds, flu, etc.), bronchitis;
- Cnimaet inflammation and redness of the throat with tonsillitis;
- Ulcer of the stomach and duodenum
- Allergic disorders
- Psoriasis, neurodermatitis and other skin diseases;
- Trophic ulcers;
- The calorie butter pine nut than beef and pork fat, but by assimilation is far superior to chicken egg. Therefore, an indispensable product in vegetarian cuisine.

Specialist Cedar Nut Oil, 3.38 oz/ 100 Ml
Cedar oil
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