Polygoni Pepper Hydropiperis Herb

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Herb Polygonum pepper contains 2,5% flavonoids (rutin, kvertsitrin, hyperoside, quercetin ramnazin, kaempferol, myricetin, izoramnetin, luteolin), tannins (3.8%), organic acids (formic, acetic, valeric), vitamin K , A, D, E, C, and essential oil. The maximum content of polysaccharides 10%, the main components of a galacturonic acid and rhamnose, as well as monosaccharides such as galactose, glucose, mannose, arabinose, xylose. Polysaccharides belong to the class of pectin substances.
Pharmacological properties

Hemostatic effect. Herbal medicines also have some cardiotonic and diuretic effect and increase the number of peripheral vascular tone.
Indications for Use

Preparations mountaineer pepper is used in uterine bleeding during heavy and painful menstruation. Extracts can be applied also when internal bleeding in patients with hemoptysis, bleeding from the bladder with gastric and hemorrhoidal bleeding. In the complex collection of herb Polygonum pepper designate patients with chronic colitis, accompanied by erosive-ulcerative lesions of the mucous membrane, as well as for the treatment of hemorrhoids. Herb Polygonum pepper in the collection of medicinal plants used for cooking trays in external treatment of hemorrhoids
Polygoni Pepper Hydropiperis Herb
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