Pistachios, 1 lb/ 0.45 kg

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Are you a fan of dried fruit and nuts? In this case Pistachios is one of the possible options for you to choose. In our online supermarket we offer a great variety of different products and guarantee the premium quality of all of them. The information on the site is presented is such a way to make the navigation easy and thereby to simplify the search of the goods you are interested in.

The nuts we are offering are kept in such conditions to preserve their freshness and useful properties. On the shelves of our online store slightly salted and unsalted Pistachios of light green colour and a light brown shell can be found. The external appearance is itself an indication of high quality of the foodstuff. You can order them in any amount you want and we will deliver it to you at short notice.

The beneficial effect to the health consists in the monounsaturated fat found in the composition of Pistachios, so it is recommended to consume at least a handful of the product a day. The same substance helps to reduce the overall fat content in the organism and, what is more important, is an effective means to prevent heart diseases. The studies proved that monounsaturated fat is also able to lower the bad cholesterol level and control the blood pressure. These two factors are considered to be the key point in reducing the rate of cardiovascular diseases among those who add Pistachios to their everyday diet.

Pistachios also contain two carotenoids (lutein and zeaxanthin) which are as a rule not found in other nuts. They are antioxidants protecting the body from the free radical damage. Besides they help to improve the eyes health and protect from macular degeneration, which is usually the cause of blindness.
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