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Phyto Tea for Weight Loss, 20 Bags

SKU: 204662


Phyto Tea promotes weight loss, normalization of metabolism, improvement of the intestine's work, reduces appetite, activates lipolysis. The tea contains a rich set of biologically active substances, vitamins C, B1, B2, B6, PP, E, and minerals.

Active components:
- Rose hips and Rowan accelerate the metabolism. As a multivitamin berries, they have a toning effect, improve oxidation-reduction processes in the body, enhance the synthesis of hormones, activity of ferments and regeneration.
- Cascara Sagrada cleanses, normalizes fat metabolism.
- Corn silk is recommended for obesity, as a means of lowering appetite and activating metabolism.
- Flax seed is used for disorders of lipid metabolism, has a purifying and solvent action.
- Mint harmonizes digestion, which is accompanied by acceleration of gastric and intestinal content, active consumption of energy reserves.
- St. John's wort regulates digestion, strengthens the walls of capillaries, improves venous blood circulation and blood flow to internal organs, regulates exchange processes in the body.

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