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Phyto Tea for Sleep, 20 Bags

SKU: 204673


Phyto Tea improves and normalizes sleep, reduces general excitability, prolongs the duration and depth of sleep, gives proper rest and recuperation. Long-term use restores the nervous system, prevents nervous exhaustion, improves blood flow to the brain, evens out mood, relieves irritability, soothes headaches, normalizes the work of heart and internal organs, eliminating discomfort while falling asleep. Herbal tea is indicated for insomnia, states of exhaustion, nervous stress, nervousness, to people living in conditions of chronic stress.

Active components:
Rosehip is a general tonic to improve sleep
- Valerian is balancing inhibitory processes, deepens sleep, normalizes the circadian sleep cycle. It is especially effective with nervous excitement, neurosis, migraine, epilepsy, nervous shock.
- Motherwort calms the nervous system, slows the frequency and increases the strength of cardiac contractions, prolongs the sleep.
- Thyme has a soporific, calming and tonic effect, especially effective for the insomnia on the background of fatigue and exhaustion.
- Hawthorn lowers the excitability of the nervous system, increases the supply of oxygen to the brain and to the heart, provides a restful, deep sleep.
- Oregano relieves nervous tension, acts as a mild sedative.
- Calendula reduces the reflex excitability, prolongs the sleep period.
- Mint makes it easier to fall asleep, has a calming, analgesic effect, reflexively dilates the vessels of the brain, reduces the headache.
- Chamomile soothes, enhances sleep, relieves fatigue.
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