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Phyto Tea Diuretic, 20 Bags

SKU: 204657


Phyto Tea improves urination, increases the formation and excretion of urine, eliminates puffiness; substances containing in the tea simultaneously have antibacterial and antispasmodic action.

Active components:
- Rosehip eliminates causes of swelling, has a toning effect, improves oxidation-restorative processes in the organism, enhances synthesis of hormones, activity of enzymes, and tissue regeneration.
- Birch kidneys increase urine output, and outputs of sodium and chlorine, have anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antifungal properties.
- The orthosiphon has a strong diuretic effect.
- Bearberry has a diuretic, antiseptic and disinfectant action, due to which the urinary tract is washed from the products of inflammation.
- St. John's wort eases the urination and increases the filtration of urine in the kidneys; strengthens the capillary walls, improves venous circulation and microcirculation.
- Nettle gives a diuretic effect, activates the basal metabolism and is indicated for the blockage of  the appearance of blood in the urine and sand in kidneys.
Phyto Tea  Diuretic, 20 Bags
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