Phyto Tea Climax, 20 Bags

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Phyto Tea relieves the state of women in climatic period, normalizes heart rate and blood pressure, improves sleep and overall health. It helps eliminate hot flashes and normalizes function of the gonads.

Active components:
- Rosehip contains vitamins C, B2, P, PP, K, E, carotene, pectin substances, salts of iron, manganese, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, etc. Rosehip has a general tonic effect, improves oxidation-reduction processes in the organism, enhances synthesis of hormones, activity of enzymes, and tissue regeneration, increases the body's resistance to adverse environmental influences.
- Motherwort calms the nervous system, slows the frequency and increases the strength of cardiac contractions, relieves headaches, helps fall asleep. It is especially good with increased nervous excitability and menopause.
- Thyme is used for insomnia, shortness of breath, nervous disorders, reduces sweating.
- Sage is considered to be "anti-aging", antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory remedy; it eliminates toxic compounds of the body, strengthens the nervous system, has estrogenic effect, helping to eliminate hot flashes, normalizes the activity of the gonads, especially in infertility, menopause; reduces bouts of sweating.
- Hawthorn strengthens the heart and supply of oxygen to the brain, improves metabolism, relieves pain and heaviness in the heart area, shortness of breath, normalizes heart rate and blood pressure, improves sleep.

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