Uvelka Pearl 5x80 Barley Boil-in-Bags, 17.63 oz/ 400 g

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Pearl Groats is in special bags for cooking healthy and tasty meals easily and quickly.

By Uvelka technologists having analyzed the best recipes of world cuisine, they've created food products appreciated by people who value taste and naturalness in their food. Today's busy pace makes for a lack time for cooking quality meals. Uvelka's fast-prepare foods are a welcome solution for busy people. Independent experts constantly conduct taste tests, assuring conformance to all-important recipes and highest quality ingredients for all garnishes.

Pearl barley is one of the most traditional garnish in Russia.

Since ancient times, barley was one of the most common grasses. Porridge made from barley was always eaten by Russian heroes, it gave them strength for hard work and for feats of arms.

5 bags of 80 grams.
Uvelka Pearl 5x80 Barley Boil-in-Bags, 17.63 oz/ 400 g
Pearl Barley
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