Ostrum, 30 Caps

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Choline bitartrate, magnesium orotate, an extract of ginkgo biloba, calcium pantothenate, pyridoxine hydrochloride, folic acid, cyanocobalamin, calcium stearate.Is it possible to reach the heights of intellectual activity? Or, put more simply - to become smarter? Scientists say: today is a force to each. Our brains are not used to full capacity. So, there is always the reserves, which can be activated. How to do it? Necessary to ensure the brain nutrition.

All that is necessary for the active work of the brain found in this ecosystem, "Ostrum" from Evalar. "Ostrum" - a perfectly balanced set of vitamins, minerals and bioactive substances for additional power cord. Chief among them - is an indispensable "vitamin intelligence" choline. It speeds up the transmission of nerve impulses, making the work are included, even the so-called "dormant brain cells and your brain becomes a real" supercomputer "with the highest possible level of performance.

Taking "Ostrum" You will notice that steel memorize large amounts of information, quickly find the right solutions and brilliantly unravel even the most complicated tangles of unsolved problems
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