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Orlovsky Bread, 1 Pc

SKU: 200067


Our supermarket offers a wide range of miscellaneous sorts of bread. But among them Orlovsky bread  is an irreplaceable bestseller. Delicate, odorous, extremely useful, it has managed to win the hearts of consumers all over the world!

Don't lose your chance to satisfy yourself with countless useful properties of rich in vitally important vitamins and microelements Orlovsky bread!

What is the most important food product on the planet? There is no doubt that the representatives of different cultures and nations will answer you in quite opposite ways. Thus, for the Chinese the main product is rice and the French above all appreciate dishes of snails and frogs. As for the Russian people, they prefer bread to everything else  in all its diversities and variants  from ordinary rye bread to exquisite buns and pies!

At the dawn of the Russian civilization bread simply had no equals. But even today facing the incredible diversity of extremely delicious and seductive desserts bread invariably holds the position of staple in Russian cuisine.

Ingredients: rye flour, encriched wheat flour, (bleached wheat flour, niacin, iron, potassium bromate, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, enzymes) water, molasses, salt, malt, yeast. 


Orlovsky Bread, 1 Pc
Orlovsky Bread
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