Lithuanian Bread "Sunflower Rye" (Frozen), 1 Pc

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Deliciously healthy real rye bread from Lithuania. High in dietary fiber organic. Bread baked in the Lithuanian tradition. Delightfully crunchy rye bread crafted with European flair AmbeRye Sunflower Rye bread combines the richness of rye malt with the crunch of sunflower seeds; crafted in the tradition of Lithuania using ancient scalding methods. This bread like all AmbeRye breads uses only whole rye and whole wheat flours that are essential for good health
Low Fat

No cholesterol

No trans fat

No added color

No preservatives
Lithuanian Bread "Sunflower Rye" (Frozen), 1 Pc
Organic Lithuanian Bread "Sunflower Rye"1.55lb/700 g
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