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Homemade Old Fashioned Farmer Cheese, 1 lb/ 0.45 kg

SKU: 200282
Fresh Made


Useful properties of sour-milk products were well known to our ancestors. Especially high were valued kefir and cottage cheese.
By present they haven’t lost their reputation as salutary products. Nutritionists and physicians throughout the world give credit for the utility of sour-milk products for digestive system and health in whole.
Of particular success among different sour-milk products is Farmer Cheese. Its crumbly texture, incredibly pleasant flavor and numerous beneficial properties ensure its popularity all over the world!
We bring forward to our customers a broad spectrum of Fresh Made’s Farmer Cheeses. All the varieties on offer are endowed with mild taste and vitally important nutrients. Still each variety has its own peculiarities. Thus Old Fashioned Farmer Cheese is made according to the recipes preserved from ancient times. Its unique flavor and useful properties are provided by special processes. In particular the technology of slow draining preserves the majority of nutrients of whey.
Besides Old Fashioned Farmer Cheese contains minimum fat and no preservatives. High content of various nutrients and vitamins makes this cheese an indispensable product for health and cheerfulness.
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