Oil for Sauna "Rosemary-Lavender", 10 ml

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Oil cosmetic sauna-ROSEMARY LAVENDER
The structure aromakompozitsii with natural lavender and rosemary essential oil has an extremely wide range of pharmacological activity and are recognized and highly effective means of aromatherapy. By strengthening the immune system and providing a positive effect on the metabolism and the work of many physiological systems, this manifests aromakopozitsiya properties adaptogen, helping the body to better adapt to the adverse external factors (new climatic conditions, jet lag, magnetic disturbances). Included in the composition of the essential oils help to strengthen the walls of blood vessels and improve blood supply of the brain and heart. Combining calming effect of lavender and rosemary tonic contributes to balancing processes in the nervous system. Application aromakompozitsii effectively handle emotional background, eliminate stress and post-stress reaction stress, get rid of insomnia and induce a state of inner peace.
Using aromakompozitsii "Rosemary, Lavender," you will not only increase the efficiency of visits baths or saunas, but also get a tremendous aesthetic pleasure from contact with natural floral aromas.
Sauna - one of the most universal means of cleansing the body and healing and the whole organism. Using this procedure aromatherapy can be made even more efficient and effective.
Ingredients: Denatured ethyl alcohol (94,0 ± 3ob.%), Essential oil of rosemary, lavender essential oil
Aroma compositions and rosemary essential oils spososbstvuet lavandovogot eliminate toxins through the skin. Rosemary and lavender create a fragrance of serenity that promotes calm and relaxation.
The properties of essential oil of rosemary: Stimulates general, cardiotonic, antiseptic (for light), expectorant, astringent. Rosemary - "flavor of the heart." Most memorable and unsurpassed quality of medicinal rosemary - optimization of circulation. The use of rosemary essential oil helps to strengthen blood vessel walls. As powerful vegetoregulyatorom, rosemary oil is effective in neurocirculatory dystonia. By optimizing coronary blood flow, rosemary oil weakens the effects of oxygen starvation of the heart muscle.
Properties of the essential oil of lavender: soothing, calming, antiseptic, diaphoretic, antimigraine, hypotensive, healing. Essential lavender oil improves mood, calms, removes excitement, reduce aggression, eliminate tearfulness, insomnia and hysterical reactions, induces a state of inner peace, is a potent antidepressant.
Lavender exhibits the properties of an adaptogen, increasing the adaptability of the organism to new climatic conditions, jet lag. The oil has a high bactericidal activity. It is an effective immunomodulator.
How to use: to flavor the water while bathing, for flavoring air sauna by applying a hot stones or by evaporation through the oil burner.
Oil for Sauna "Rosemary-Lavender", 10 ml
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