Oil for Sauna "Juniper-Cypress" , 10 ml

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Oil for bath and sauna Juniper, Cypress
Sauna - one of the most versatile ways to cleanse the body and health improvement. Using this procedure aromatherapy can be made even more efficient and effective.
Refreshing, derevesno-resinous, slightly spicy aroma of essential oils of juniper and cypress creates not only a pleasant natural environment of pine forest, but also helps improve mood, eliminate anxiety, nervousness, fatigue, help overcome insomnia, the rotten feeling of loneliness, relieve emotional stress. Aroma compositions of essential oils Mozhzhevelnik- Cypress helps to eliminate toxins through the skin.
Mode of application:
to flavor the water while bathing, for flavoring air sauna by applying a hot stones or by evaporation through the oil burner
Properties of the essential oil of juniper: has on the body obschestimuliruyuschee action, helping to overcome the lethargy and drowsiness. Also has a strong influence on the psycho-emotsionalonoe human condition. Quickly and effectively tones the nervous system, increases vitality, eliminates stress reactions and destructive emotions, relieves irritability and "acrimony", restores emotional balance. It helps with obsessive fear, apathy, insomnia. It improves concentration, creative and business qualities of the person. Clears the mind, helps keep the power of the spirit in difficult situations and finding the right way out of them. Create the perfect atmosphere for centering and meditative exercises.
The properties of essential oil of cypress: relieves tension, removes anger, it helps get rid of obsessive thoughts, clarifies the mind, restores sleep. Beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system.
Oil for Sauna "Juniper-Cypress" , 10 ml
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