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Oat cookies not sugar

SKU: 200451
Along with jam, candy and marshmallows, oatmeal cookies are considered to be a useful sweet containing the desired biologically active substances. Oatmeal contains beneficial micro and macroelements – zinc, iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, and vitamins B1 and E. The consumption of products made from oats is helpful for the normalization of metabolism.
The benefits of oatmeal is well-known. And almost all of the diets include oats in the list of allowed foods.  And if oatmeal porridge doesn't look so appealing, oatmeal cookies may be a decent alternative that combines the appeal of baked goods and useful properties of oatmeal. The almost complete lack of fat in these cookies help cope with the desire for sweets in reducing weight.
Oat cookies not sugar
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