Non Fat Farmer Cheese, 1 lb/ 0.45 kg

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Fresh Made
Farmer Cheese is one of the most beloved sour-milk products all over the world – and this is not without reason! Its crumbly texture, incredibly mild flavor and countless useful properties make for its glory in every corner of the planet!
We bring forward to our customers a range of Fresh Made Farmer Cheeses. Each of them possess its unique combination of taste and properties still all are exceptionally wholesome and delicious. Due to its beneficial properties Farmer cheese has been acknowledged as a most healthy sour-product equal with kefir. The technology of slow draining allows to keep the majority of nutrients of whey and a sufficient amount of moistness.
Thus Non-Fat Farmer Cheese is a perfect variant for overweight consumers as well as for those who are eager to keep fit and healthy! In has been scientifically proved that farmer cheese has a beneficial effect on digestive system. It is especially useful for children and nursing mothers. High content of various nutrients and vitamins makes Farmer Cheese an indispensable product for strong bones and immune system.
Non-Fat Farmer Cheese is manufactured by Fresh Made which is one of the USA’s leading companies involved in dairy industry. This manufacturer is remarkable for its advanced technologies and observance of traditional formulation. Today Fresh Made’s production is known and appreciated world-wide.
We invite you to investigate this Wonderland of exquisite taste and delicate flavor!
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