Night Face Cream "Black Pearl" Self Rejuvenation 46+

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Black Pearl
Black Pearl Self Rejuvenation - the first cream that creates ideal conditions in the skin, for generation of own self rejuvenating substances.

Liquid Collagen 56+
Promotes the production of natural collagen for deep structural
strengthening and tightening of facial contours, smooth wrinkles

Omega- complex and avocado oil:
Instantly moisturize and soothe the skin. Deeply nourish vitamins and trace elements, restoring skin elasticity and smoothness

Bio- peptides A lipo - rutin and Hyaluron:
" Erase the signs of aging from your skin." Enhance night -regeneration,
samovyrabotke cellular proteins contribute to strengthen the skin tissue.
Night Face Cream "Black Pearl" Self Rejuvenation 46+
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