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Rich Daurian Body Butter, 11.83 oz / 350 ml

SKU: 201888
Natura Siberica


Rich butters from SAUNA&SPA line, enriched with extracts and oils of Siberian and Russian Far Eastern plants, have been specially formulated to nurture and restore skin in sauna and after sauna. The hot, moist air opens and cleanses skin pores, which helps active components penetrate skin, saturate it with nutrients, and make it gentle and amazingly soft.

Ginseng boosts skin tone, improves microcirculation, stimulates skin renewal processes.

Rosehip extract activates metabolic processes in cells increasing skin immunity.

Lemon and rosemary essential oils have aromatherapeutic toning effect.

Daurian kachim extract gently cleanses skin, has anti-inflammatory effect.
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