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Natur-Aktiv "Goji Berries & Nettle" PERFECT SHAPE Honey-Vegatative Balm, 3.5 oz/ 100 g

SKU: 206381
Natur-AKTIV Perfect harmony -. Natural honey plant complex based on extract of nettle and goji berries with plants intense action components that contribute to a balanced weight loss, elimination of body fat without damage to the health components of the complex normalize metabolism and structure the cellular metabolism. that allows you to completely eliminate the risk of excess weight and fatty tissue in the aftermath. The complex prevents changes that accompany obesity.
Natura assets. Perfect harmony enhances the energy the body's cells, promotes intensive weight loss, but also prevents the accompanying changes in overweight.

- Improves the condition of the digestive system: normalizes bowel cleansing process, prevents constipation, eliminates inflammation, bacterial and infectious processes of the digestive system and urinary organs;
- Strengthens the immune system;
- Prevents changes in the heart, blood vessels, lymph;
- Prevents the development of cellulite, rejuvenates the body and cell renewal due to the natural combination of vitamins, minerals and bioactive components that are completely absorbed by the body;
- Prevents the development of tumor changes.
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