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Natur-Aktiv Goji Berries & Mummy" NEW VESSELS Honey-Vegatative Balm, 3.5 oz/ 100 g

SKU: 206387


Natura ASSET new vessels - Natural honey plant complex based on goji berries and black oil with a pronounced healing effect on the blood vessels and the heart to increase the positive effects on blood vessels, heart and blood pressure in addition balm enriched with stone oil and mummies..
Balm Honey-flora series Natur-AKTIV-new blood vessels contributes to the effective reduction of the pressure, eliminate spasms vessels of the head, normalize heart rhythm, does not cause adverse side effects.

Balsam honey and vegetable series "Natura assets. New vessels "is recommended:
- High blood pressure for a harmonious and rapid reduction of pressure;
- With unstable blood pressure condition contributes to the stabilization of the normal working pressure for a long time;
- With strong vascular spasm head, headaches relieves pain, nausea and other symptoms caused by high blood pressure;
- For the prevention of strokes and heart attacks;
- After a stroke or a heart attack to restore speech, motor activity, promotes elimination of paralysis;
- For atherosclerotic changes in vessels of the brain and heart to eliminate atherosclerotic plaques, blood clots;
- To improve the elasticity of blood vessels and veins, prevention and elimination of venous stasis, varicose veins of the changes, spider veins;
- In violation of memory, mental alertness, with Alzheimer's disease, dementia;
- After suffering head injuries, to restore cognitive and mental abilities;
- In violation of heart rate, angina, arrhythmias;
- With a decrease in vision, enhanced eye strain, eye fatigue when improves microcirculation in the eye restores sight, reduces inflammation, swelling;
- In inflammatory processes in the brain;
- When hearing loss;
- With vertigo;
- Under stressful conditions contributes to the restoration of adequate thinking and normalization of heart rate, has a calming effect, eliminates the feeling of fear and anxiety;
- Children and young people to improve the memorization process, prevention of vascular changes, circulatory disorders.
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