Natur-Aktiv "Goji Berries & Dandelion Root" ANTI DIABETES Honey-Vegatative Balm, 3.5 oz/ 100 g

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Natur-AKTIV Anti diabetes - Natural honey plant complex based on goji berries and dandelion root effectively helps to reduce blood sugar levels, prevents the body changes caused by excess sugar.

Information on ingredients.
Goji berries - the source of DHQ, have potent anti-inflammatory and antiallergic properties, strengthen and regenerate connective tissue, help to reduce cholesterol levels, enhances the action of balm ingredients, strengthen blood vessels and capillaries, prevent the formation of blood clots. Increases the resistance of body tissues to the damaging effects of excess sugar in the blood, it reduces the risk of diabetes, as well as make it easier for evolved forms.
Rhizomes Dioscorus nipponkoa prevent the formation of atherosclerotic changes of heart and brain blood vessels, varicose veins change, prevent the development of cellulite.
Honey increases the resistance of the body, has strong antibacterial and antibiotic properties.
The flowers of clover improves the elasticity of blood vessels, prevent atherosclerotic changes have antitumor activity are used in allergic diseases, bronchitis, vitiligo.
Fruits blueberries help reduce blood sugar levels.
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