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My Family Tomato Juice, 34 oz/ 1 liter

SKU: 204808


"My Family" Tomato Juice is a harmonious blend of taste and health.
Perfectly ripe and juicy tomatoes were thoroughly cleaned and turned into a paste, then mixed with salt and water to become a truly high-quality and tasty drink.
With the advanced technology of processing of ingredients, the tomatoes have kept all their nutritional quality. The drink is rich in fiber, vitamins B, C and E. It is composed of such elements as calcium and sodium, magnesium and iron as well as iodine and sulfur
It is useful for those who wish to maintain the youthfulness of their skin, strengthen the immune and cardiovascular system and reduce the probability of formation of malignant tumors.
The juice can be served as a standalone drink, and prepare cocktails and a variety of dishes.
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