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Wonderberry Red Whortleberry Mors, 33.81 oz/ 1 liter

SKU: 200188


It is a fact of common knowledge that human beings require water vitally. We can dispense with almost everything we consider to be of crucial importance. But what we need desperately and invariably is water.
A man consumes water in different beverages. For this purpose we use milk and juice, Coca-Cola and mineral water, cocoa and tea. A great many of them are rather healthy, others are of less useful properties. Still there are a limited category of beverages that feature unique healthy characteristics. And among them a seat of honor takes fruit drink.
Fruit drinks, or В«morsВ», were extensively used in the far past. They were prepared of various berries: cranberry, cherry, blackberry, blueberry, blackcurrant etc. Each of the berries exerts their specific positive impact on human body. Thus cherry fruit drink is suggested for prophylaxis and treatment of intestinal infections. Cranberry mors is recommended as an appetitive drink. It also strengthens the immune system and enhances vitality.
We propose you to try different fruit drinks of Russian manufacture. Among them is useful and delicious Mors Red Whortleberry . This beverage is a unique thirst-quencher. It effectively takes off stress and replenishes vitamins in the body. Mors Red Whortleberry is also notable for pleasant, mild flavor which feature especially appeals to children!
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